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Whiting's Old Paper
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Outside magazine racks of John Whiting's Old Paper shop near front door entrance inside Antique Village

Magazines, sheet music & various paper items in the racks line the walkway/asile of John whiting's Old Paper Shop inside Antique Village Mall.

Whiting's Old Paper

Owner: John Whiting - PH# 804-746-4710

Email John:

Welcome to our shop,

Entrance of John Whiting's Old Paper Shop inside Antique Village

located inside Antique Village. We have been helping our customers locate and purchase all kinds of Paper items for many years. We hope we have just what you are looking for or collect. The list below is an example of the Ephemera (the actual name for old paper items) we have on hand. Let us know how we can help you find your paper collectible or Appraise your paper items. Member: IFPD - Postcards. Thank you for your continued interest and business.

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John Whiting in his Whiting's Old Paper store in Antique Village

Our List of Old Paper Items:


Advertising Coffee Trading Card - Sold

Advertising: non-paper all types;
Advertising: Paper;
Afro American: all periods (all years);
Almanacs 1800's - 1950's;
Arcade Cards 1910 - 1950's; Pin-up Girl Prints 1920's - 1960's;
Automobile: promotional material 1900 - 1970's;
Billheads / Business stationary 1800's - 1950's;
Books: non-fiction, children's, regional, yearbooks, etc 1800's - 1960's;
Calendars 1860 - 1960's;
Cancelled checks 1800's - 1920's;
Car: see Automobile;
Cards - Christmas Cards 1800's - 1950's;
Cards - Greeting Cards 1800's - 1950's;
Cards - Valentines 1800's - 1950's;
Catalogues: Wholesale / retail 1800's - 1970's;
Cigarette Cards;
Civil War ephemera & books;
Documents: Insurance policies;
Exposition - World's Fair 1800's - 1960's;
Harper's Weekly: issues & pages;
Ink Blotters;
Letters & Envelopes 1800's - 1950's;

Magazines: Over 100 Titles from 1800's - 1960's;
Maps: Atlas & Oil Company 1800's - 1950's;
Marilyn Monroe 1940's - 1960's;
Matchbooks 1920's - 1950's;
Military: "Homefront"
Newspapers 1800's - 1950's;
Photographs 1840's  - 1950's;
Picture Postcards 1890's - 1960's;
Playing Cards 1900 - 1950's;
Political Advertising & Buttons - pin backs;
Posters: WWI & WWII, Entertainment, Advertising, etc.;
Prints: Parrish, Rockwell, Phillips, J. W. Smith;
Risqué & "Girlie" Magazines 1900 - 1950's;
Scrapbooks 1870's - 1950's;
Sheet Music 1800's - 1960's;
Stereo Viewers;
Stocks & Bonds 1860's - 1960's;
Trade Cards;
Tobacco: Advertising & packaging 1800's - 1950's;
Transportation: ships, trains, planes 1800's - 1950's;
Virginiana ephemera, books.

Many other paper items!

Civil War Room Molly & Me

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